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About Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Development and Manufacturing Services

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals, a division of Albany Molecular Research Inc. is an experienced, contract development and manufacturing company for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and pharmaceutical intermediates that combines the benefits of working with a contract research organization (CRO) and a contract manufacturing organization.

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals as your Contract Development Organization

If you are looking for a pharmaceutical contract development organization to assist you with your early stage pre-clinical active pharmaceutical ingredient or pharmaceutical intermediate development, we have the proven experience and expertise that will help you develop the synthetic organic, inorganic and natural extraction chemistry for your drug development project.

We are also a world leader in natural product extraction, isolation and purification as well as the synthetic modification of natural products from plant, marine and microbial sources. We produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and pharmaceutical intermediates from natural products as well as ingredients for personal care products and dietary supplements.

Find out more about our experience and expertise in:

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals as your Pharmaceutical Services Resource

Process development & scale-up services

Our process development chemists will ensure your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) can be successfully scaled up to the quantities you require for toxicity trials, clinical trials and even into commercialization.

Analytical method development services

We also offer you a comprehensive suite of analytical services to ensure your active pharmaceutical ingredient has the levels of purity and stability you require throughout the various stages of your drug development project.  Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals’ analytical method development processes are managed by our experienced, in-house analytical chemists.

CMC & regulatory services

If you need assistance with preparing and submitting your CMC filings or FDA filings for your active pharmaceutical ingredient, Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals has the knowledge and experience in regulatory services it takes to efficiently guide you through the complexities of the submission process.

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals as your Contract Manufacturing Organization

We have the flexibility to assist you with your GMP and/or non-GMP manufacturing needs for your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) or pharmaceutical intermediate requirements.

By working with Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals as your contract manufacturing organization for your drug development project you will realize several advantages.

  • Leverage our experience and proven manufacturing techniques
  • There is no need to purchase or rent costly production facilities and equipment
  • We will acquire and manage all the raw materials required for the project at excellent price

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