Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals

Leadership Team

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals Leadership Team

Charles Boland, MBA –General Manager
John K. Lynch, PhD — Chief Scientific Officer
Randy Fortel, MBA CMA — Vice President, Finance
Paul Zizelman, MS — Director, Scientific Operations
Mark Millar — Director, Operations


Chuck Boland - Executive Vice President

Charles Boland

Executive Vice President


Chuck Boland directs the business development, marketing and strategic planning activities at Cedarburg. He has an BS degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Chicago and more than thirty years experience in sales, marketing and strategic planning at several pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies, including Lonza, Hoffmann-LaRoche and Amoco BioProducts Corporation.


John Lynch - Director, R&D


John K. Lynch, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Lynch oversees all research & development projects for Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals and our clients to ensure their successful scientific outcomes. John also serves as an expert in the areas of the synthesis of vitamin D analogs, asymmetric synthesis, and synthesis of numerous types of heterocycles and peptide conjugates.

Dr. Lynch received his PhD in organic chemistry from Harvard University in 1992 studying under Professor David Evans where he developed extensive knowledge and expertise in asymmetric synthesis, construction of unnatural amino acids, biaryl bond formation, biaryl ether formation, protection and deprotection strategies, conformational analysis and reaction mechanism.

Dr. Lynch served as a Senior Scientist at Abbott Laboratories where he led medicinal chemistry research projects that focused on metabolic diseases, aging and degenerative diseases, and neuroscience. He also led a variety of process chemistry research projects where he successfully developed or contributed to the efficient synthesis of a nicotinic compound, a platelet aggregating factor antagonist, an HIV protease inhibitor, and an adrenergic compounds.

Dr. Lynch is both accomplished and well respected in the industry. He has been published in peer-reviewed scientific publications 19 times and currently holds 12 patents.

See Dr. Lynch’s full bio and lists of publications and patents.


Randy Fortel - VP, Finance


Randy Fortel, MBA CMA

Vice President of Finance


Randy Fortel is an accomplished financial executive with over 17 years of experience helping companies drive profitable growth and improve their overall bottom-line performance while providing valuable leadership in all areas of operational improvement.

Randy has managed the acquisition and divestiture of companies totaling in excess of $100M. He has negotiated credit facilities up to $45M. He has overseen the rapid growth in companies, including a 26% annualized revenue and 39% annualized profit growth over a 6 year period.

Randy is skilled in developing and implementing business drivers, metrics, and financial concepts and he excels in the areas of collaboration, mentoring, and teamwork. He is an expert at establishing and maintaining strong internal controls and ensuring that financial statements are prepared in accordance with GAAP and compliant with SOX.

In his role as Vice President of Finance for Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals, Randy manages the accounting, finance, audit, risk management, human resource and IT functions. Randy has an MBA and a B.S., Accountancy from California State University at Chico and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).


Paul Zizelman - Director, Scientific Operations

Paul Zizelman, MS

Director, Scientific Operations


Paul Zizelman received his BS in Chemistry from Central Michigan University and worked as a graduate research intern at Dow Chemical Co. before starting his Doctoral studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. He studied metal mediated organic synthesis under the direction of Professor Jeffrey Mark Stryker. Following graduate school, Paul accepted a position with Aldrich Chemical Company where he became the supervisor of R&D and Glassware production. Capitalizing on ten years in the custom-manufacturing arena, he joined Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals in 1998.


Mark Millar - Director, Project Management

Mark Millar

Director of Operations


Mark Millar received his BS in Environmental Science from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Before assuming his current role as Director of Project Management, Mark previously worked in both Microbiological and Analytical laboratories for API and finished product contract manufacturers.

Mark has developed a very successful approach to project management at Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals that has consistently delivered a more than 90% on-time, on-budget completion rate for our clients’ projects. He ensures that each of our clients is assigned a single point of contact that is trained to be aware of both the small and big picture details of every project and that each step in the process is recognized and prioritized appropriately.

Mark is based out of our corporate headquarters in Grafton, WI and is responsible for the oversight of the entire Project Management team and all active projects. Mark actively monitors the progress of each project and routinely joins project related discussions to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with their experience at Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals.